Confetti + Scout

Our mission is to spread HAPPINESS & INSPIRE others to do so as well, through kindess and the gift of giving.


Confetti + Scout began following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. We were just into our 2nd week of homeschool, and as we tried to focus on our studies that week, our thoughts, prayers, and discussions kept going back to Texas. Lauren, my creative & loving 7 year old kept asking, "What can we do?" We prayed for God to help us in our desire to help others.

Lauren suggested we make something, sell them, and donate the money.

My favorite go to saying, when I feel unsure of where to begin with any task is:

“Start where you are, with what you have.” So, I pulled some confetti from our craft supplies and we began making a mess with glue, confetti, and pieces of Cardstock. We drew hearts on the cards, added glue and confetti. Lauren felt this was a great idea and then suggested we make Confetti Cards with the shape of Texas. She said,

“Confetti makes people HAPPY and the people in Texas need to feel HAPPY again!”

I had to agree! However, I have to be honest here… I did not expect these to turn into much more than a great homeschool lesson in giving, serving, with a little geography mixed in.

But Ya’ll!!! I was blown away by the beauty of our creation and the loving uniqueness that we poured into each one made it more special. We set a goal to sell 10 Texas Confetti Cards and within 1 hour of posting a photo of our 1st card and fundraiser info on IG, we reached that goal and then some. We continued making our Confetti Cards until we ran out of supplies, however, we continued to get requests. Folks actually LOVED our product and the story of how the Confetti Cards came to be. We have truly been blessed by blessing others and humbled by everyone's support.

PS. We raised $300+ that went directly to a friend’s church in Houston who was able to disperse the funds himself. How awesome is that?!?!

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